Amazon Refund 786-244-0102

The message is for a $500 (I think) charge for an Iphone 11.

The guy knew Northwatch was a fake. I insulted him a few times, but he wouldn’t get angry. He started trying to go back to his script. I backed off on being aggressive and asked him if he just wanted to waste some time so he can appear to be doing something, and he said yes. He played some music videos on the VM for a while until he disconnected. I really don’t think that guy wanted to be there.

I wonder if these are the same guys that I had a run in with on Tuesday. One of my customers gave them access to their computer and installed a couple of remote support programs. I uninstalled them, but before I did, I decided to mess with them a little. I let them connect to the computer again and I initiated a file transfer. They got the heck out of there pretty quick.

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