Amazon refund scammer: (855) 668-8061

Number: (855) 668-8061

this is Ali’s from Amazon this call is regarding your today’s purchase you have been charged 299.99 on your credit card if you have not made this purchase then press one connect to Amazon refund department to cancel the purchase thank

When I talked to this Jake Miller guy he was in an extremely bad mood lol.

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I signed him up for as many text newsletters/text spam that I could find.
Then I talked to him and asked him about the spam and he RAGED! XD

I’ve been on the phone with them for 20 minutes pretending that I don’t know how to find the Play Store, so I read all the apps on my phone, now I’m pretending that the app is taking forever to load. It’s taken 10 mins to download to 38%.

Update, I spent 20 minutes pretending to download Team Viewer to only get to 62%. Now I need to do some actual work, while I’m getting paid so I had to get off.

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