Amazon refund scammers (830) 219-9875

Scammer number: (830) 219-9875
Scammer website: none
Fake service they are refunding:
Any other scammer information:
$1499.99 macbook pro order charge


These scammers are really really chickenshits. They don’t know how to fight back come on. I love it though

Still picking up 535pm ET

Callback: +1 (424) 427-2545 , there’s saying there Norton now……

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Still answering today, but quick to hang

EDIT: Called back from (408) 844-3191 (MagicJack) about the ‘pre-approved’ charge

1455EDT They are active and answering the phone at 830 219 9875 Trolled them and my Google Translate spoke to them. I am not sure if they are in India.

my numbers must be blocked. i called call went to voice mail. left a wonder message in hindi

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