Amazon refund scammers: (845) 393-8091

Number: (845) 393-8091

Customer this is a call from Amazon fraud alert Department to confirm your last order of $200.00 Amazon gift card ordered from your Amazon account we have put it on hold as your account seems to be compromised please call us immediately at 853-938-0912 verify and cancel the charge to get the money refunded back.

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Got em to connect to teamviewer.

That is a server run by teamviewer, not a scammers ip.

You can see a list of the data center providers they use here:

Got it, although it still provided their overall location, India obviously.

Yes in india but the location will be where the server is located, not the scammers.

In the end he admitted he was in India, but I’ll have to improve using wire-shark.

Hey is there anymore scammer numbers since its hilarious when I lure them and called them benchouds in at least 10 minutes in