Amazon scammer script

Snagged this off an amazon scammers pc yesterday, thought id share it with yall

                                                                       AMAZON SCRIPT

Agent: Thank you for calling Amazon , this is David how can i help you ?
Customer : I got a call saying something about $ 200 gift card being ordered from my account.
I didn’t place the order.
Agent: OK, no worries Sir/Mam am gonna surely checkout the issue. Let me pull up your Amazon account from my end so that can i have your email address
Agent: OK sir/mam it seems like you got a call from our Amazon fraud detection server, let me check
What is the issue , please hold on. ( After 10 Sec ) OK sir/mam as i can see there is an order for
$ 200 AMAZON gift card has been placed from your Amazon account which has been sent to
a different country that is in COLOUMBIA ( 10 to 4.30 ) CHINA ( 4.30 TO 7.30 ) that is the
reason we called you up to verify the order and cancel it if not done by you.
CUSTOMER: YES i didn’t do it

Org file download: