Amazon/Windows text scam 18779276080

Scammer number: 18779276080
Any other scammer information: Got the following text {Order#110133 complete.$633.23 transferred.Contact Customer Care at 18779276080 if You wish to cancel} called the number knowing it was likely a scam to confirm. Confirmed it’s a call center and the seem to run both the Amazon Scam then switch to the Windows scam when that doesn’t work. Guy I talked to named himself Jake. Tell him Winnie sent you :wink:


Wow, they have so many call centers assigned to that number. You can get anyone, from rookie scammers to “professional” scammers. There are probably over 4-5 call centers using that phone number, because I’ve been connected to very busy places and then very quiet places, so yeah, it’s pretty clear that this is a massive scam operation. I’ll keep calling until I find a rookie scammer that I can easily reverse the connection on. :+1:

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