An update on TSU and where it stands

Hey everyone, ScammerRevolts here. I figured I should make a post informing you all where TSU went and where it is now that I have brought it back up.

Around a year ago now I shut down TSU mainly due to a load of things going on IRL and managing the channel at the same time, things have changed in the last year and I have decided to bring TSU back up! Everything is as it was before shutting down and then some.

Currently, there is no moderation team on TSU except for myself so new posts will go through an approval queue before they become public, this process should be very quick when I am online which will be most of the day on weekdays. Slow times for post-approval will be during the night in the PST timezone and on the weekend until I can get a staff team together and then they can help out with approving posts and getting things on the site moving again.

I have added a leaderboard to the forum at Leaderboard or by clicking on the top right left of the navigation menu. This is just a simple gamification system that rewards people for being active in the scammer’s categories. I also plan to add a Patreon group for subscribers to my Patreon since the Discord server is no longer open, this will give things like immediate post-approval, no ads, etc…

Since I am just now getting the forum back up changes may be slow at first but when I get a team together it should speed up. I am not sure how I will do that process but I may make a post here where people can apply to be moderators on the forum. I also have commissioned a new logo to be made for the forum so that will be updated in the coming days!

I hope to bring the forum back to its former glory and to continue its purpose of helping the scambaiting community and my own community!

Also one more note, I deleted the TSU Twitter account so any account claiming to be for TSU or any social media at all for that matter claiming to be TSU or be a part of TSU that is not linked on this site is blatantly false.

I hope you all enjoy the forum being back and find some use from it, :heart:.