Another arrest warrant


Received zip code 97002

Well the number is still active the robot female tells me to hold and I hear the music. Ok the call is active, the girl asked me for my first name, last name and address and now I need a pen and paper, she asked me do I do my own taxes or something else does it? I told her a CPA does it. After I said that now I am on hold. Lol she must be new she keeps putting me on hold and I can hear someone next to her telling her what to say and do. I did not catch her name because she did not give me her name. Case ID: CPF6073 2013-2017 and they found there is an error that I filled. Section 101 that is still outstanding. I owe $3986 to the fake IRS. Now I am being transferred to another scammer lol. Officer Black lol really. Instant hang up after I call they get triggered easily. Enjoy.

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Looks like the number is under investigation now! Wich is very good :smiley: So iā€™m gonna go ahead and move this over to the dead numbers category!