Any interest?

I get a lot of scam calls from the so called Chinese embassy. they say I am to call in to straighten out my “visa”/“greencard” status. I don’t speak Chinese and my wife won’t help me mess with them so if anyone here is interested, I will share my block list. you may need to know chinese or maybe they have English “helpers” but im sure it would make for great unique youtube vids. be sure to drop me a thanks and a link if you make a video

if you could compile them into a text file I’d take a shot.

Since this has no number or scammer info in the post I’m moving this to scambait question.

ok I have huge list of numbers they call from. (all chinese scams) ill add to the orginal post for you all :slight_smile:

I went ahead and added a tone of numbers (my whole block list lol) sry about post with wrong tag

are you sure this call blocking is only blocking these Chinese scammers or did you do this manually?

some may have just came up scam likely on CID. but most have left messages stating they are the chinese embassy. but all are scammers numbers.

I’ll post a dump file tomorrow on this with labels for the numbers. Many thanks

cool man thanks. hope it helps the fight.

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So a few of these numbers are the actual Chinese consulate number in LA. They were just spoofed for the scam. The number’s voicemail even states that if you received any unsolicited calls from us it’s a scam and not to share your information. I’m still going through these but I’ll post soon

edit: some of these are gold. just got off the phone with a scammer who pretended to be an automated voice. my sides hurt from laughter.

If anyone can share the active number(s) I’ve got a team at the ready today.

lol that’s awesome. I hope your make a video that would be funny. and it figures they would have some spoofed numbers. keep up the good work. I’m gonna post some more new numbers from today (different scammers)