Any kind of help.. pls

Hi, I’m Loris from Italy. I’d like to share this trouble that I’m having during these days.
A number is calling me every day. A fake “Dr. Di Leo” keep saying that I’ve created an account on their site and they just gave 200$ to this account as a “trial period”.
Every time i say “I’ve never created an account on this site” or “Tell me about the terms of use, I’ve never used any money from you” and he keeps dodging these questions with a simple “you have a contract” and starts with the standard, scripted “We can help you making money” and keeps talking 'till I end the call.
I remember I’ve visited some sites about trading but never signed up to something like that. Just to be sure, I looked for confirmation emails about the registration or tried to recover the account’s password on the site by writing down my username. I’ve tried every username I could use (I know, that was very very stupid) but nothing, I don’t have any account on this site.
The site is
The number is +39 0498872027
Can you guys help me? Am I in danger? He keeps saying “You have an opened contract” and I’m getting a bit scared.
What should I do?
What should I say to this scammer?
Any kind of help is very apreciated. Thanks guys.

Don’t worry. He is only trying to intimidate youand has nothing real for you to be scared of. Block the number he is calling you with and continue on with your life. If it would make you feel better, you could try baiting him by pretending to cooperate. Tell him you are doing what he says to waste his time, then hang up and block the number.


Hi Paul, I really apreciate the answer. He stopped calling yesterday (maybe he doesn’t “work” during weekend).
Well, now that I know he has nothing, I really would like to receive one last call to have some fun.
Thanks so much btw.