Anydesk question - delete files

Sorry newbie here I figured that to delete files on scammer PC you need to have one anydesk connecting to him from your host and let him use another anydesk to connect to your VM. So essentially you would have 2 versions of anydesk running on your system.

Is there any risk of you connecting to him from your host to do the deletion?

Isnt it better to have 2 VM running - 1 connecting to him for the deletion and the other for him to connect to me to do his crap

Am just sus that even connecting to him from yr host and doing deletion stuff etc potentially he could create some mischief on your host machine

It’s up to you if you do or don’t want to run a second VM. Is it more secure? The answer is yes. Is their risk? There is always a risk but in this situation, I think it is very low.

The only risk there really is, is if they are using wire shark and they could get your IP address that way, but I seriously doubt any scammer in the world is using wire shark

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If u have a vpn running as standard anyhow would that negate wireshark?

only if its set up on your router itself, dont worry about that though only scambaiters really use wireshark, and once u connect to their computer u can see if wireshark is running or not on their screen
Ive never seen or heard of a scammer using wireshark, but it is possible