AnyDesk refund scammers - (855) 948-3605

Number: (855) 948-3605


This call is from the billing department in regards to let you know that subscription which you have been taken has been expired you are going to get charged for the next subscription which will be 299 dollars and 99 cents if you want to cancel the subscription please call us on our toll free helpline 855-948-3605 extension 1 of our representative is going to assist you so you do not get charged for the next subscription because money once get debit it is cannot be get refunded Thank you.

I emptied all the files off of one of their computers lol

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Yo my dumbass just went to the link they said. Does that website rat you or is my VM good still?

The computer 365 link? It’s just a site they use to try and look legit, your vm should be fine.

It was which i had never seen before, i wasnt sure if it was some attempt to get a rat on my shit or not.

Oh no that is a remote connection software like TeamViewer, not a malicious program/website.

Aight thanks man, I had just never seen a sub domain like that one, I have seen the but never the join. But thanks for clearing up the misconception.

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