Anyone who is doing scambaiting on any level

First off if you are scambaiting or attacking scammers on any level. <3 I applaud what you’re doing and wanted to say thank you. o7

I have never fallen for any scams, but half of my family has even with my warnings. I am partially disabled and mostly retired. I spent a month harassing date site scammers. I = no life, so felt good to make them waste their time.

I hope to soon be setting up a VPN, Voip, and VM to get back into date site scambaiting. Any advice is always appreciated and respected. I have learned all the main scams they run, and know how to spot them. And in the case where the person is real, I will go out on a date with them. After all a slightly overweight guy in his mid 50s is a real catch ya know.

Again thank you for what you’re doing and any advice in advance.


awesome, i spend my time on twitter scambaiting coinbase, blockchain “support” and report their website that they give me.

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Shoot me an email. I work full time plus have 2 part-time jobs so I can’t do a lot of Baiting right now, but I have a fairly extensive setup, multiple licensed Windows VMs, Voice Modification software, VOIP numbers, Banks, and most importantly VPN…

My YT Channel is @ScammerStopperZ
My Email address is [email protected]