Apparently there's scams targeted at Roblox players now

If you have kids or know any kids that play Roblox warn them about these kinds of scams.

The scam ads promise some kind of in-game currency, not sure what the end goal is with a scam like this, but you wouldn’t want to allow your kid to go through the stress of losing all of the stuff they worked toward in that game.

Make sure you use good web filers. Enable enhanced protection in chrome’s security. Block third party cookies in our kids’ browsers on all windows

Maybe even get bit defender traffic light and Avira browser Safety with the adblocking and price comparisons off. And if you’re REALLY worried, get comodo online security pro

Adding all three of those extensions into Chrome, firefox and MSEdge chromium should prevent your kid from accidentally visiting a phishing site. You can also get Emsisoft Browser security

None of that stuff will conflict with whatever antivirus you’re already using.