Apple Icloud Scam

So as of yesterday, a number called me yesterday and the caller ID says it’s “ApPlE iNc.” and when I answer you get the a robocall saying that my iCloud has been breached and I have to speak with a technician. Knowing it’s a scam I tell them that I know it’s a scam and if they can just not call or I have to get the police involved and the operator says “yes.” And I click. Like 2 minuets later the call back again. Knowing that it could be the same person I decide to answer and just play police sirens for like 1 minuet. After, I call actual Apple and I report it and file a complaint with the FTC. They call back a third time and that’s when I had enough I answer and just say “can you just stop calling. I know it’s a scam and I reported you to Apple and the FTC” and I click. They call back 5 MINUETS LATER and I decide to just talk in spanish to which they hang up. I had to leave the house and I saw they called two times after.

Their number is: (spoofed)

Doing a bit more reasearch it look like they’re spoofing the number of an actual Apple store at the Oakridge Mall in San Jose, CA the only difference is that they have a +1 in their number

Ok so this number that you posted is just an apple robot talking the Appel store is closed according to the robot but its just a robot seeing to help but I did not get connected to a scammer.

They usually call you, every time they would call me, I didn’t call back…