Apple Support/Ransomware

May have seen this number before but they’ve remained active for almost a month now.


People will get a pop on their phone to some varying degree that locks up their phone and forces them to call this support number where they will “remove it” for a fee.

Been calling them over 100 times daily with the name Kevin Webster. They’ve blocked multiple of my spoof numbers but we ain’t done yet.

I only ask that you say your name is Kevin Webster as well, specifically if “Jason” answers. He’s pretty broken.

Lol I called and he said this is a motor bike store lol but he def India person and he said we take care of people in Texas and I was like oh like the Texas script for SSA.

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Huh that’s a new one for me.

Its the medical scam u and I did a call for a while go with the scammer on something

Its now a medical scam

Weird their still taking calls for the phone thing weirdly enough.

This number is still active

They keep blocking my numbers. I really wanna pin these guys but they are soooooo stubborn

Alright, I think that the number is dead now. I called using a spoofed number, a TextNow (VoIP) number, and an anonymous number and still received the “Your call cannot be completed as dialed” message.

It could be closed because its sunday

But then again it could be

Yeah all my numbers are failing as well. I think it’s over. Good run.