Apple Support Scam (646)-357-8766

I was calling the already posted 888-531-2098 number and they stupidly called me back and gave me another number so I thought I had to share it. Happy Scambaiting

Called. After giving my info over he said “are you a fraudster or a prankster”. Then hung up. :frowning:

either the number is dead or im calling them too early because all i get is hold music

It still works also I think it just a one man operation lol

I can assure you it’s not. I call them like 40 times a day, I get roughly 4-6 individuals.

Jason is my favorite though. If he asks for a name. Say Kevin Webster. He loves that.

Just called them over 35 times from the same (burner) number…
Same guy answered every time, but I didn’t get a name.
I just abused the crap out of him. Flood his A$$.

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God I just stuttered and they got mad dang

Did the same thing until they blocked my number. He was a little frantic at the end. He responds to Jason.

I tried to be one of them

@Mr.Vertigo9000 an I called this number and the guy was a total idiot. He sounded like he felt bad for scamming but he didn’t admit it. And he likes saying listen to me.

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I reported the number it should be shut down maybe tomorrow or whenever it does