Apple support scam
Can you confirm if this is a scam im pretty sure it is

Most definitly is a scam %100, it goes from apple support to wood carving XD. The number: +1-877-889-8283

Hey revolts check on my advance tech support to make sure if its a scam this is a dumb question cause it is but to clarify because step 2 is remote acess

The line is active let see what he does, I told him I am having trouble with my windows pc I said I clicked an ad and it brought me to this website when they fix apple. Windows k and r, he hh h wow have not seen this in a while. He tells me to click jump to your URL once again I have not seen this tactic in a while. So I gave him my id but he can’t connect lol. This scammer is dumb I already said I can see the permissions and everything and he keeps telling me to hang on I am waiting to just delete all his files. Lol this scammer made me spell out my fake name 3 times Christopher A. Donovan. Lol that’s my fake name I had to spell the whole thing now I exposed him and he hung up after I swore at him lol. They rage easy.