Apple Support Scammer

Number: 323-897-8164

Tries to connect using helpme but I got him to use Anydesk after windows ‘blocked’ his other website. Also tried to get him to cave in and let me on his computer but he was very persistent and no matter how many times I read my ID wrong he refused to let me connect. Eventually, I let him connect and was able to get his IP.
Located in Haryana India
ISP: SBR Telecom Pvt. Ltd

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If anyone wants a little bit of a script, when you call these scammers, google search for a name that was common in the 1920’s in rural america and go with that name.

I told him to remember my name Mr.Vertigo when your call center gets shut down :rofl::rofl::rofl: ask for nick btw he think he is so high and mighty “you Americans are stupid!” Nick the chutiya 2019 btw i went to a website to get scammers flooded