Apple tech support

I called the guys and they are so mean they wanted my apple ID and things like that I knew it was a scam and just hung up one of the people’s names is Michael.

PHONE NUMBER:+1 (888)-678-9555

Yeah that “Michael” answers right away. I called him a benachod and it went downhill from there for him.

On call right now. 21 mins. He thinks I am going to the apple store but I am just having my dinner. Oh and I need to buy 500$ worth of google play cards to pay for apple store. Also he started diagnosing my ‘iphone’ when I said the problem was on Mac but soon after a hold it changed to Mac “hacking” problem from Japan Australia Canada etc. :frowning:

I think I triggered them too much. They cried and abused after I sent them a pic of my gift card. Screenshot by Lightshot