Ask for the guy that got all his shit deleted (SR quote) XD

(844) 973-3749
he gave me his teamviewer id and password!!! stupid ass bhenchod

Dear Customer, this call is from Amazon customer support. This is to notify you regarding your todays purchase on Amazon dot com. You have been charged $379.99 on your Visa card. If you have made this purchase on Amazon dot com and recognize it, then simply hang up and your order will be delivered to you. However, if you have not made any such transaction, you can call Amazon support right away. 184-497-3374 Extension 9. Again, the number is 844-973-3749. Thank you.
there are some dumb ass mother fucker i swear to god i just deleted one of their computers files and i just syskeyed some one else
Note* ^my first syskey EVER


I called them 18 times asking for the guy who got syskeyed.

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XD now they dont wanna talk to me I keep having to change my voice now XD
476717332 <team viewer ID As soon as he turns his computer back on u can have his teamviewer password (I cant see his password right now because he turned off his computer)
^files deleted
I used anydesk on the syskey bhenchod XD

You should upload a file to his startup folder and restart his PC so u have full acces to it… :slight_smile:

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Yeah, that does more harm to them than syskeying but then again that is illegal but still, what I would rather had done.

my isp wont let me port forward sadly… so I cant RAT

You don’t do it on your actual home network, your ratting people that isn’t very smart. Add me on discord I can help flutterverse#2291.

THANK YOU, I’m not very good with that kind of tech stuff

I call them they got so mad

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when I said do you like to scam everybody you meet, the girl I got transferred to said fock off lmao

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lmao when he said would you like to place the order or cancel it, I said ehhh I might as well get a new phone, ill go a head and put a thumbs up to it place it

i keep calling and saying hello chutiya

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Incredibly, this number is still active. Let’s shut them down!

nah i like to wait 24 hours, i bait them in the mean time

Thought this was sounding familiar. this number is in my call log from yesterday I think. I got the woman scammer too. Asked if it was amazon, they said “No, it is Telstar. Is your internet down?” Well, I had to ask em the dreaded question of how the guy’s computer was. She played dumb, like “You computer is block?” I clarified, and she instantly hung up. Now when I call it instantly hangs up rofl

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XDXD I got 2 different computers from that call center one of them I deleted all of his files and when I told him to check his desktop he flipped and I asked what happened and he hung up (I used teamviewer on him) the 2nd guy I used anydesk and as soon as he connected I went for the syskey and got it, there was a 3rd person but I went straight for the syskey and he unplugged his computer he must’ve heard about me XD


its currently 1:35am EST and the number is still alive and well. Plenty of activity soundind in the background.

CONGRATS on your first syskey!!! Killdisk a scammer next time you get remote access. They’ll RAGE! XD good job man!

This number is still active. I just spent 30min wasting their time.

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Lol, idiots keep answering every time I call back even though I’m just prank calling with stupid stuff