AT&T Refund Scam (866) 294-3464

A friend of mine just got a vhishing call from (866) 294-3464 where someone was impersonating AT&T about a $400 refund on a previous bill.

Her computer was remotely accessed, and the guy deleted all of her files and emptied the recycling bin when she refused to give banking information.

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I tried calling, I’m getting an actual AT&T Automated response.Something doesn’t seem right here.

I am on the phone with this scammer called Simon, I am probing him and he said he AT&T connect Tech. So now I am trying to see how he is going remote into my computer, the service he is trying to charge me is up to 4 computers, $15.00 a month for this service. The charge for support plus is the service for tech support. So this guy won’t remote into my computer he wants my credit card first. I told him no I would like him to look at my computer first. Ok he takes me to this website it’s not secure.

Also side note the real AT&T number is 1-800-331-0500. I just got off the phone with them and told them what happened and yeah the girl I talked to said this number is def a scam and she has never heard of anything I just said. So if u anyone has AT&T to call the number above.

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