at&t scam?

855-876-5350 claimed to be at&t and that there was a deficit of $101

Just called this number from my Google Voice number, and they identified themselves as Credence Resource on their answering machine, since obviously this is outside their normal business/scam hours. After some searching, I found that they’ve got a crappy score w/ the BBB, and based on the reviews, it looks like they’ve been doing this for awhile. There’s other reports on 800Notes and the BBB of them violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and behaving abusively toward callers, so either this is a front for a domestic scam company, or a legit but rogue agency.

Their Whois info is here:

Notice how they’re using Domains by Proxy, a subsidiary of GoDaddy, which is a favorite host for scammers. They started their website in 2013.

Anyways, next time these jerks call you, tell them to prove to you that you owe whatever debt they claim you owe. Get it in writing, and ask them to mail it to you. Verify it through AT&T themselves beforehand. Maybe even tell them about the call you got from this company, since they seem to be targeting AT&T customers almost exclusively.