Autism organization scammers is the IP (ddos/flood it)
They spend more money on themselves than they do on helping autistic people and tried to tell me they needed my amazon account info.
their fax: (212) 252-8676 (fax them junk)
email: [email protected] (sign them up for spam)
give 'em hell guys!!

Not makes me angrier than shit like this.

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Hey, guys, I think Autism Speaks is a legit non profit business. I dont know if someone hijacked their business or they have shady dealings, but they do run speeches and programs for kids with Autism. We actually use literature they publish. I dont know why they’d ask you for your amazon account. accou

they also promote Compliance/coercion therapy that harms kids with autism and they call autism a disease that needs cured,not as something that makes you unique. They spend more money on their promotions than they do on people with autism.
look up autism speaks abuse/ABA therapy abuse.