Bajaj finserv customer service scammer

So recently I had an issue with my Bajaj Finserv EMI being deducted on the wrong date , it had hit on 5th instead of 2nd which lead to it getting bounced , so I was upset but didn’t bother much because I paid it the next day using the link they had sent , today I got a call telling I have to pay a bounce fine which lead to want to contact the customer care , but the ivr wasn’t connecting me to telling my account is in blocked state , so I was looking at finding a way to communicate with them and ended on there Facebook page Bajaj Finserv , when I placed a complaint , they respond in few min telling they will get back to me , so I just left it at that , after around 10 min later I got a notification telling "Bajaj Finserv had made a comment on your post " , when I opened it there was a comment telling please share your contact details so that we can further assist you , so I gave my phone number.

Later I got a call claiming they are from Bajaj finserv and asked me to state the issue and I stated them the issue , later the person told, to avoid such issues from ever occuring again, I can link the EMI through my credit card instead of the bank account and he’ll guide me through the procedure , so I told him to guide me through the procedure and this is where the scamming began.

So he asked me if I have an alternate phone number on an alternate phone so that the main phone has internet access , then he asked me to install two apps , first being Mobikwik and second being TeamViewer 's Quick support apps , Mobikwik being a Bajaj wallet app and the Quick support app’s short description stating " It has never been easier to troubleshoot devices! " lead me to believe there is nothing to be suspicious about , then the person guided me through to set up both the apps , later he asked me add 5rs to the wallet using the card so that it is added and verified , which I did and bam , the card got hit and deducted Rs.10000/- , 3 times, one behind the other and luckily, since there was no available limit only the first 10k was deducted and the other two bounced .

So apparently the Quick support app was a screen mirror app and the app, sadly never had any obvious hint it’s a screen mirror app, all it told was connect to client , and Mobikwik not " * " marking the card number lead to the scammers getting all the necessary information .

I went to BENGALURU CITY POLICE cyber division and sadly got no proper response , I am planning to write an email to them and hope they take action , because this is a very acute way of scamming , never did the scammers ask for any personal information which lead me to believe he is actually from Bajaj finance team.

The scammer 's contact number was 7365097742

Later got in touch with Nearbuy India , a company that sells deals , found out the scammer has purchased a Flipkart voucher through them and his login information so the contact details with then included a different phone number +917762097562 and an email id [email protected]