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What is the best and better free and safest burner phone software for windows?

Google Voice used while running a VPN has worked well for me.

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Google voice and text now are best the best options to call scammers, as for software for voip I think Microsip is the best one for that -


Where can we create the account for it because for sure it requires an account

In terms of “Google Voice”, it’s fast and easy to create the account - All you’d have to do is simply create a gmail account, and then go to where you can register the gmail account to get a dedicated phone number. Once you set up the account, you can have that burner number route any and all calls to your mobile phone - this does NOT reveal your true phone number, but rather “re-routes” any calls made to the Google Voice number.

@omalley2027 it depends because we are in different countries even if you use vpns your ip is still detected

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To create microsip account goto the above website but just know that they need some verification like your phone number i tried to use some websites for receiving an sms online but it seems like they are quite fake and some have already been used to register to the website.

What about FireRTC or BobRTC? are they still viable or are they “dead”

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Bobrtc is alive… Firertc has blocked new users not to create accounts

Bob rtc is alive but basically dead since you can only call numbers they provide, I recommend an actual calling service like TextNow or google voice

I managed to get textnow but am not from the US I managed to trick it with a VPN… But the main problem is I don’t know the area codes can anyone assist plzz

Area code for phone numbers or IP addresses?

For phone numbers bro

i managed to find the area code but why is textnow saying dialing for a longer period because i have been like 2 minutes waiting for it to change but still no change.

Which VPN are you using? Right now i’m using ProtonVPN free, but i can’t seem to trick textnow into beliving im in the US

Well it’s a mobile VPN there are no pc versions

That might explain alot xD Using ProtonVPN on a Raspberry pi as a “hotspot” which i connected my phone to. Will try using a mobilevpn instead. But how did you trick it, did you use a gps spoofer?

It won’t work bro… Just download thunder vpn and try it on your phone… Hotspoting your phone with a VPN, while connected to the pc won’t work bro