Best ways to destroy a scammers Computer (Windows)

This is my first post on TSU.
Here are some methods how to destroy a scammers computer.
If the Computer from the Scammer has a password, you can change it without knowing the current password if the User Account has Administrator privileges.
(This also works if the scammer doesn’t have a password and the Settings App takes ages to load.
Step 1: Open cmd as admin.
Step 2: Paste this Code: net user „%username%“ NEWPASSWORD
Replace NEWPASSWORD with the Password you want to set.
If the scammer has a Microsoft Account linked you can also Disable his User Account using this:

  1. Open cmd as Admin
  2. paste this command: net user „%username%“ /ACTIVE:NO

Question: Should I make a script that deletes SYSTEM32?


some time ago, I read about a data-wiping malware that’s been targeting Ukraine, called HermeticWiper, that would be nothing short of overkill on bhenchods, since before it messes up every partition on every physical drive, it actually fragments the data and overwrites random pieces, making professional data recovery outright impossible.

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