Big tech support scammer 1-855-212-5202

Toll Free No

1 855 836 3987

They use gift card, prepaid card to take the payment.
Before fixing the issue they charged the big amount.
stop those scammer

since I found that they’re hosted on GoDaddy, I sent a phishing report for every company (eight in total) they’re “representing”

given GoDaddy’s track record of not doing anything about takesupport(dot)us and qsupport(dot)us, I doubt they’ll actually do anything.

Yeah godaddy is the absolute worst with stuff like this, they would rather have the money instead of actually shutting a scam site down.

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I read that in the past GoDaddy has closed some sites down for having too many simultaneous connections. my mind then wandered toward network stress tests

I am going to fuck these scammers.