Bitcoin/Forex investing manager 404-482-3491

I noticed quite a lot of Bitcoin/Forex investing manager accounts following me on Instagram. If you’d like to find some yourself, just type in the search bar “trade manager” or something like that. Of course, some of these accounts are legitimate; to find the scams, you can look at the common mistakes (spelling, no proof of identity, fake addresses, extremely “American” names, and one that I noticed the most: bio written in all caps). I decided to look into this further when I realized that a majority of these accounts with different identities all shared the same phone number (posted in title). So I DM’ed a lot of these accounts on Instagram, to which I found no reply. Thus I decided it would be better if I texted the phone number. A considerable time after I first texted, the scammer replied with Hello :wave:

I’m Mrs Ruby Lykins from Crossville TN. Im an expert in binary option trade and its profitable.

I will like to introduce you to Binary Option/Forex trade, it’s a profitable business that will enable you earn consistently weekly, I help individual trade for a 100% profit guarantee for just 10% charges, trade with me and earn huge profit after trading“

Originally when I texted this person I still had some doubt that they were a legit organization and I obviously would not want to waste a legitimate bitcoin managers’ time, but as the conversation progressed I became more certain that this indeed was a scam. For one, I pretended to be reluctant to invest where the scammer replied that investing “is a 100% guarantee”. There are other indications that this was a scam but I don’t think I need to continue.
I must admit the technique they are using is somewhat ingenious. All these fake accounts have to do is follow an unsuspecting victim on insta and hit them with a “Do you want to make thousands of dollars without leaving your seat?” and a lot of people will fall into the trap. Judging by the number of follows these accounts have, it looks like a LOT of people fell into this trap.
So if someone with a stock image as a profile pic asked you if you want to make free money, politely decline.
(At the time of writing, I am still contacting my potential “investment manager”. A few other times I’ve used grabify to find them being located in Nigeria instead of Fort Worth, but now it looks like they’ve used a vpn located in San Francisco.)

Someone did investing scam with me