Building and deploying a RAT

Hello everyone at TSU. I am eager to improve my skill set so I can take my baiting to another level. What would I need to learn to start making and using my own remote access tools?

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learn to code. python, C++, easy stuff. You can compile a reverse payload script to gain backdoor access. Might be worth a google if your interested. Code Bullet on YT might have something on that, he’s a coder from the UK.

Warning: to anyone trying this, if you attempt this on a legitimate business, without the proper tools and training you will be caught and put in jail. Scammers won’t try to contact any authorities because it would get them thrown in jail. Scammers can also use RAT’s as well. Don’t be dumb, stay safe.



Can I private message you? I have a few questions to ask. Discord would be best