Call Flooder and Call Merger

I have decided to take my scripts public to raise a bigger Army to fight these scammers. Scam baiting is slow and tedious. This is much more effective.

Please check my Git for all the scripts… Requirements:
1.) Need to setup an Asterisk or FreePBX Server (Easier with FreePBX). If you don’t know how to setup a FreePBX server, on fiver, there are plenty of guys that can do it for you for $15-20.
2.) Need SIP Trunks. I suggest Flowroute. They hate scammers and they let me do what I do. They just don’t care. Note: Toll Free numbers are free to dial. Flowroute is ridiculously cheap. I paid $80 5 months ago and I’m already at $30. Even with the amount of flooding and merging I do.

Let’s get these POS’s


If anybody is thinking about giving this a go, it is possible to run both Asterisk and FreePBX on a Linux VM on a Windows machine, as long as your box has the grunt for it.

I have a rack server with 2 xeon CPU’s (16 Cores) 128 Gigs of ram lol. This guy has the best deals on used powerful servers:

Holy crap! I hope the scammers appreciate all the effort you’ve gone to on their behalf.

What’s the scam exactly?

Are there sip trunks available that are local (Toll free) to the scammers?

There are some SIP trunk providers out there that will offer free, unregistered calls to US and Canada toll free numbers, if that’s what you mean.

Here’s one:

Hey, first of all thanks for this! Hoping you can help me, I got everything setup and calls are going out fine but when answering the call it just has a tone as if someone pressed a button and says the word “spam” then hangs up. It doesn’t play any audio file

DM me on Twitter:

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