Call for Anything, get 100 dollars for signing for a bunch of trials though India - 8772534755

So we called this one with my co-worker the other day a few times and you can tell them anything, My iPad is Broken, the Paint on my Car is expired, My Husband left me and I need a lawer, but they tell you either you’re out of their coverage area and or they have the deal of a lifetime for you! They make you enter your fill information 3 times including:

Full Name
Credit Card Info.

Open pretty late, they are in India.

Make sure to hit Pound on the Confirmation call they send you too it drives them nuts.

Have Fun.

Jessica is on the line as a auto robot call for medical alert. I told them I was 65 and now they are transferring me Derrick is on with live protect 24/7. This Derrick guy seems real and is white. Some else might want to call this to confirm and make this be a dead number.