Calling scammers from Australia?

Hey all

I wanted to give a try wasting scammers’ time, but not sure where to find numbers where they’re trying to scam Aussies. I can call the US numbers with a number spoofer so it looks like I’m calling from the US, but because of the time difference, I’m always calling at odd hours.

I know the ATO (Australian tax office) scams are still going on, but I never personally get the calls on my number, and I haven’t found any numbers posted for these (I could be looking in the wrong place, not sure). I thought now would be a good time for these because it’s tax return time.

So, I guess I’m wondering if there are any fellow Aussies on here with access to scam numbers, or if there are scam call centres that are working the ‘odd’ hours I would be calling (i.e. right now), or any other tips for me…

Since my last post got nuked. Im assuming that mentioning other sites is a…

Here is what i posted on the other site that shall not be named…

Obviously all +61 (drop the first 0) to all numbers


Claiming to be the ato and there is a warrant out for arrest. Please give them a call.