Can scammers get into my PC if they connect to my VM?

hey i used one of the numbers and to my surprise i was able to connect to teamviewer on my VM…i got worried they could get into my host PC if i let them connect so i told him i had an important call and would call them back. anybody have any info or tips?

I doubt it unless their skilled in hacking I dont think they can break threw ur vm to ur host machine I have had several connect to my vm even after they find out it’s a vm all they do is try to syskey or delete files on vm they cant access my host machine but to protect ur IP use a VPN on ur host so netstat wont show your real IP connection

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Im trying to find a free one that only provides ip protection, i don’t need it for streaming or anything else…any suggestions?

Closing this due to your other topic becoming redundant with this one.