Can’t send e-mail using opt Online or other ISPs

In case you are unable to send emails via Optimum Online that is also known as Opt Online, and you get the error message “cannot send outgoing mail due to port 25 is blocked” you should promptly call at Opt Online customer care helpline number and get the valid resolution. Also, you can follow these simple steps given below if you **can’t send e-mail using Opt online or other ISPs** :

Method 1. If you are unable to send emails and your ISP is blocking the port 25 you can use Port 587 that allow sending emails in some regions.

Method 2 . You can also change your outgoing mail server to an SMTP mail server and easily can resume your services.

Dear scammer,

thank you for giving away your information so that this community can make fun of you, non-stop call your number and finally shut down your ‘business’.

Summoning @ScammerRevolts so that he can deal with the rest.

For now, enjoy this Meme of the day:

When the scammers realise that they have dug their own grave by posting their info here

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(In case some of you may be wondering why I assume this is a scam, here are a few indicators:

  • Look up the website. It looks fishy and they don’t provide information on how to contact them. All their social media links are non-existent.
  • When you perfom a whois on the domain, you see that it is owned by “DomainsByProxy”. This is a service that hides your information so that you can’t view by whom the domain is owned.
  • The SSL-Certificate they use is issued by “Let’s Encrypt Authority”. Is that bad? No. They are actually good guys. They issue free Certificates so that anybody can encrypt the connections on their websites. But a real business using Let’s Encrypt? Why would they do that? Easy. You don’t have to provide Information.