Cant find scammer popups

I cant find those pesky popups! I´m not in the US, so i use a VPN. Any tips? Second day of searching, not one came up. Please help.

I tried this before, it doesnt work for me. Like i said, im not in the US. With my VPN on, i get nothing. So i turned it off, and all i get are stupid free phones and stuff. I also went to shady download sites and klicked every ad i could find… nothing. Is there a VPN that allows those popups?

set the vpn to a us server. But the second method is actually quite effective you just have to be persistent. also make sure you’re doing these in a vm with the antivirus off.

Also you can literally google scam pop up and their are screen shots being posted and updated constantly. If you find a number still active post it here.