Car parts scam

I entered my name and number on a car parts website to see if they had the part available and an Indian man called me from this number 1 888 521-6842. He asked if I wanted him to find the part for me and I said no I found it somewhere else already. About 5 minutes later another number called but I sent to voicemail and they said they had found the part for me (an exhaust system for a 2003 Toyota Tundra…) and to call the number above. This all happened on 7/16/19 and later that day I got a fraudulent charge on my credit card. Luckily my bank caught it but now I want revenge! If someone wants to mess with these guys I can find the link I entered my data!

Called. Got the voicemail for “All American Car Parts”.

A quick google returns
Is that the place that you ordered the part from??

I believe that the scammers are the “All American Car Parts” (AACP). Details below.
Also located another legit business being “Advance Auto Parts” (AAP). At almost the same address.

AAP have details of their business and a spiders nest of policy and websites. Where as the scammers do not, they have a single wordpress based site with no real business details.

Scammers website is behind Cloudflare, so no simple way of determining who is running the website. :thinking:

All American Car Parts-
  Phone: 888-521-6842
  Address: 6574 N State Road # 7 Suite 374 Coconut Creek FL 33073 United States

SSL CERT: Cloudflare SSL
Registered: 2018-09-22 // Expires: 2019-09-22


Advance Auto Parts-
Phone: 954-596-5426
Address: 6546 N State Rd 7 Coconut Creek, FL 33073


The website I was on:

I entered some information about my vehicle and the part I was looking for. After the information was entered I received the phone call.

There is also a number on the website that is different from the one that called me… 1-888-210-9486.


Bought a VW transmission from these guys All American Car Parts Florida it came out really well, Only thing bothered me at start was, Guy named Charlie promised me 5 days delivery but i got it after 8 days, Condition was really good as what they described… I am happy Customer…I will definitely recommend this place, If anyone need of any auto parts call em on 888-521-6842 his name is Charlie.

I did buy a transmission from these people this week & i am happy with it…I don’t think these guys are scammers but yes they did not sound like American…Overall i would give them 9 out of 10