Car Scam, Ebay cards ?!

Long story short, my dad is an old guy…not tech savvy at all. They tried to “sell” him a car but said they needed ebay cards to complete the purchase…have fun!

1(858) 215-1125 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Full Story:
My dad is new to social media. He thought he found a good deal on a truck and contacted them. They said the truck was shipped and that Ebay paid for it and that my dad just had to buy 4 ebay cards. He called me wondering how to buy them and pay for the truck and he FWD me the emails. I opened the email and goodness gracious…you’d think it would be easy to tell. The logo was wrong, so so many misspelled words and sentences didn’t even make sense. Anyways, I called them myself and they laughed and hung up, so please, call them…have fun!


Just got hit with the same bogus deal!! Started by finding a vehicle on from a private seller. Red flag of seller paying shipping, switcharoo to Ebay motors and wrong email domain from seller…Final flaw was the phone number provided for Ebay Motors customer service was LOCAL. C’mon now man!

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