Car warranty scammers

5803997607. Scammers try to get your cars vin and tag number then try to get your drivers license number and ask for $600 to renew your warranty

from 315–882-0976 “Car warranty about to expire.”
I own a very old car with 192,000 miles, which I bought 4 years ago off a friend for repair costs. I’m going to scrap the car, next month because of severe rust and it definately won’t pass inspection. It has never had a warranty. Indian accent rep called Aug 6, 2019 and hung up after I said “Scammer, scammer, scammer.” Those with the know how. Please revenge them.

I get calls like this all the time. I doubt my car has warranty being that it’s a '95 and has about 300,000 miles on the dash. Weird thing is, some of them know the exact make, model, and year of my car.