Cashapp/BC Text ‪(270) 775-9125‬

Scammer number: ‪(270) 775-9125‬

‪(270) 775-9125‬
Any other scammer information: Sent from +52 418 245 1804‬

Dear Cash-app user, Your recent trade for 0.032 Btc is confirmed and you have a pending bill of USD 783.For more details kindly reach 12707759125.

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Answered as PP on a follow up call with same bs spiel.

this number is still active

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he was very sus of me so i just cussed him out and when i called back he likes to whistle

(270)775-9125 one of the scammers is high off his rocker and talking to us about weed and alcohol and told us he was in Bangladesh and is now trying to continue with his scam while he is high off his rocker then hung up

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shhheeesh this one is a racist little scammer he is soooo mad and said the N word so many times holy

alright one of these idiot got me to download anydesk so anyone knows that special thing they can do to this guy not only that he likes to play his moaning mum on loud speaker