Changing network address

Ok, so a couple times now the scammer first checks my adapter settings. I’m thinking that he my be seeing that my gateway is and it is suspicious because it’s a default virtualbox address. Is there a way to change the network addresses after having created a VM? I’m using virtualbox. There is a settings in virtualbox to change NAT address, but it doesn’t seem to apply to an already created VM.

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Not sure iv never tried to change mine on my vms and I use vmware but that’s odd iv never seen a scammer point something like that out.

Yeah, it is odd. Guess i’ve gotten a few clever “teknisions” today. I’m calling the number you recently posted, 866-502–7555, talked to james, alex and patricia. Everyone has told me i don’t have anything wrong with my computer. My vm is hidden pretty well, no indication of VM on msinfo, dxdiag is disabled (though they haven’t ran that yet). Alex went as far as asking me to turn on my printer, even tried to open my webcam, lol. Seems you got them on edge SR. Haha, i’ll just keep trying, looking for clues as to how better hide my machine.

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You could use a “bridged connection”. Make sure you have a secure password on your modem and make sure no other devices are connected to that modem(while scammer is connected to your VM) or if there are devices make sure they are hidden/password protected(other devices including host machine should be set as though they are connected to a public network).

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Good ideas, thanks. Don’t think I’m gonna connect to my lan though. I changed the nat address in virtual box settings, but I probably have to create a new vm for the new nat to work. I’ll give that a shot.

I’m booting up my VM now to see if theres a way to change the address for ya. I’ll keep ya posted.

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On your host computer go to your internet adapter properties.

-> right click the Virtual Network
-> click properties
-> select Internet Protocol Version 4 and click properties
-> tick “use the following IP address”
-> change gateway to or something similar.
-> Change the subnet mask to
-> keep the IP the same as what it says with IPConfig in CMD on the VM.
->reboot VM

If this fails im sorry, i totally just clued in that you’re asking for VB, im using VMware but hopefully it helps.