"Charity" (autism, etc.) scammers with a toll-free number

Scammer number: (844) 499-1659
Scammer website: https://americandisabledchildren.org
Any other scammer information: The more I read and hear about this organization, the less I like them. Apparently the “American Coalition for Autistic Children PAC,” alias the “American Alliance for Disabled Children PAC” spends about 7¢ of every dollar they raise on the cause they claim to represent. (See the 2021 YouTube video by Boda Scambaits.) It also looks like they gave little or nothing to any political campaign.
Here’s some in-depth info about them, including their filings with the Federal Election Commission. http://newtolasvegas.com/2021/04/22/autism-faux-charity-pac-that-trolled-in-las-vegas-spent-zero-on-races-in-2020
Seriously, should these weasels be allowed any slack under the TCPA?