Chat bait with 24/7techies - I think he bite

This is a chat conversation with The scammer react to a download link with wannecry virus.
I do not know for sure if he actually open it but based on his reaction he was curious enough to check the file.

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I called them, and I trolled them. They just hung up lol.

I am calling them now and I am talking a scammer and then he told me go to this website he told me to look at Representatives and click on his name which is Nigel then it downloads a program called Bomgar.

This is there script but he was connected and then I called him out at the end and instant hang up no trying to defend himself just rage hang up. Have fun.

Been hung up on, said i don’t sound legitimate

Unsure of the do and don’t here but after messing with my pal frank for at least 45 minutes, well he left his connection link.

Okay, so after some hard research, I found that these guys are legit and just not very good. So, I would stop calling them even though they seem like scammers…

@Patriotic, how are you so sure about their legitimacy. Do you have proof ?
If you have any evidence please share with us.

They are not legit, they are scammers. No reason to worry.

“ERROR: Sorry, the specified representative is not available at this time.” Guess he booted himself off

Yep if not Microsoft will at least say though they didn’t pick up after two minutes so I gave up (probably because I’m from Singapore and called them when it was 3am in US…:sweat_smile: