China Police Force Impersonation Scam

I didn’t receive the call. Due to privacy reasons, I’ll just put I.
One day, I received a call from the so-called “China Police”. They said that I needed to be extradited back to China (though I’m not from China :joy::joy: . They called from a Singaporean number (I’m from Singapore, ok?) before it “cut off”. It then showed the China Police emergency number and they said that they were from China Police. They talked to me in Chinese and said that I needed to give my credit card data.
Let’s say it is from the States instead and you see 911.
Showing 911 does not mean that it is the real police force calling you.
They won’t ask you to pay fines over the phone.
How did they manage to display 911 then?
There is such tech that can display the caller ID as the police’s emergency number.
This was then documented two years later in Crimewatch, our country’s Crime Prevention TV show.

Moving this to general since it includes no scammer information.

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