Coinbase scammer 8882416364

Scammer number: 8882416364
Scammer website:
Fake service they are refunding: Coinbase
Any other scammer information:
Called them to make sure the number was valid. Just insulted them for a minute.
Email address it came from: Team Support [email protected]

Coin Base

We send this email in case of your coinbase account and it is under risk. Our officials found in this account that attempts are being made to login.

We blocked your last transaction of $750.00 and is also on hold.

To unlock your account access please contact us on this number +1(888)24-16364

Support team

Here’s another CB number: ‪(602) 654-6617‬

These guys are very slow. I’m a beginner and was able to get on his system and drop a rat.

Didn’t block my numbers either.

Call them. It’s fun but they may be a few machines short at the moment.

Called and cursed him good. Tried calling again, looks like the number is no longer in service. :slight_smile:

That probably means they blocked you, when scammers block numbers that is the typical response you get when calling back.

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Exactly SR! Try calling with other burners @Matherchod to verify being dead.

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