Comcast Scam

Claims to be Comcast suppot (858) 682-4828

The calls from this scammer were disguised as Comcast’s toll-free number, so I answered their original call. The catch: when they offer a callback number, it’s 858-682-4828. That’s the number the scammers want you to call that verifies they’re working for Comcast. Instead of doing that, I called Comcast and asked whether Comcast makes outbound calls about hackers to their subscribers. Comcast responded with a firm no, adding that they only call when a subscriber bill is past due or to return a call concerning outages. These people were slicker than the usual scam, moving the call from one “lower level” person to a “Level 5” person. They offered employee ID, case number and such. All had foreign accents. Don’t fall for this call.

Thank you so much for posting this information. I kept asking the callers how I knew who they were. They offered to tell me my IP address, my Xfinity account number, and a few other personal IDs. When I said a scammer could know all that information, how do I know they were who they said they were, they gave me this number and told me to call it. I typed it in Chrome and your post came up. Thank you so much!!