"Computer Repair Service Refund" 855-693-4999

Automated message that I am due a refund for overpaying for computer repair services. Asks you to call back to get your refund.
Scam, spam, fraud.

This is their website to download the remote access programs - http://www.help2.tk/

and they also use this link to download teamviewer - tinyurl.com/n6lgmua

Their ip -

These guys are still active… I tried to download the guys files over teamviewer but the program fucked up and crashed… this is his supremo id: 200078844 Tv id: 928540411

The site they used: http://www.takesupport.us/

Lol wasted one and a half hour, They gave me teamviewer but the id trial was expired “1069666873” so i was given supremo and after i knew there won’t be much fun i started to play with them a nice game: Sir do you see your id? no i don’t! :rofl:
Uninstall, install, do you see your id now? no!