COSTCO - ΝЕW ЅWЕЕРЅ: Gеt Rеwаrdеd fоr Υоur Оріnіоn: Таkе Оur Ѕurvеуǃ #4CY7U9NX9

Scammer number: No Number provided
Scammer email: [email protected]
Any other scammer information: The email contains a hyperlinked graphic then a bunch of white space below the graphic and some small text at the bottom of the email that reads:
This email has been sent to you([email protected]) by [email protected] from omegaautomationsystems. Please contact the sender([email protected]) for any clarifications.If you think this is SPAM, please report it to [email protected] for immediate investigation and action.

I’m very curious what this scam is. I assume some kind of information farming but I don’t have a machine I can visit the link with.

The hyperlink attached to the graphic is: