Could be a scam im not sure

Im not sure if this website is a scam or not idk its this one that has gotten me stumped.

I am on the phone with them now so far he does not seem like a scam so far. They use or

Should i flag it so i can get it deleted

No let one of the Admins try it and they will make that decision.

I’ve got no idea whether these people are scammers or not, but here they are anyway.

24/7 techies is a defiant scam they only help if your subscribed to them

Got some more, again, not sure if they’re scams, but I’ll post them anyway.

Can you please put the actual information in text instead of sending multiple images over and over which is kinda spam and also for scammers you don’t reply to others. If you wish to make a post on a scammer please make a new topic but don’t spam it, thank you!


Thanks dude for that i appreciate it

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Sorry Scammer Revolts, I’m very new to this. I will create a new post in the future. Thanks for letting me know.

No problem! I’ll keep hunting!

usglobaltech is a spam they are not a Registered Company in florida where they say they are located.

Yeah it’s a scam. These scammers are stupid😀

yes they are, they keep changing their phone number on the page