CRA/Department of Justice Scam Calls

There is a new scam going around Ontario, possibly other areas in Canada as well. They are sending automated messages by phone which say various lines. One being the CRA is looking for the recipient of the phone call for some unpaid tax fees. Another poses as the Department of Justice threatening to send police to your household. My mom has gotten these phone calls from several different numbers, and she already reported it to the police.

I wrote down 3 of the numbers on her phone, they are as followed:
2. 1-226-997-9315
3. 1-226-873-8720

If these are spoofed numbers there is really nothing the Police can do, they can look into it but there is really nothing they can do besides dont give these scammers any information.

The scam isn’t new CRA and IRS scams have been around a long time now